And The Winner Is…Me

Bodrum at NightI’m a little bit pleased with myself. I’ve entered a few travel writing competitions over time. I don’t actually expect to win. My writing style (such as it is) is a little unconventional for some. It’s fine, I don’t mind being an also ran. Besides. there’s no such thing as bad publicity as the PR pimps say; it’s all to the good. So you could have knocked me over with a feather boa when I found out that my entry, Bodrum, Turkey’s San Tropez, to the I Must Be Off Travel Writing Contest 2014 was awarded third place by judge, Robin Graham. Robin said of my little piece:

“Very professional – a knowledgeable and informative introduction to a destination that digs beneath the surface, in an engaging style.”

But there’s more. Yesterday, I received news that I’d come in first for the Reader’s Choice Award. A massive hand to anyone who took the trouble to visit and comment on the article. Thank you. I’m really chuffed!

20 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…Me

  1. Well done, me dear. Something to perk that pansy up whilst he recovers from the surgeon’s knife. Much deserved!! xXx


  2. Bravo (brava?) Jack.

    Many years ago I came fourth (you’ve gained a place on me) in a Sunday Times travel writing competition with a piece on Florida. They printed my piece on Florida in the ST and in a harback/paperback anthology by DAvid&Charles.

    I thought I’d hit the Big Time.Alas, still waiting for that!



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