God Save the Queen

NNUHRegular readers might remember that, last year, I had keyhole surgery when a double stent was inserted into my abdomen to deal with a narrowing of the arteries supplying blood to my legs. It was affecting my mobility and a major pain in the arse (or to be precise, the calves). Although the operation itself was successful, one of the stents failed almost immediately. This happens in about 10% of cases (trust me to be in a minority yet again). After a period of reflection and torture on a treadmill three times a week, I chose to advance to Plan B – an aorta bi-femoral graft, a more traditional way of bypassing the logjam. I went under the surgeon’s knife at the end of July.

BypassAs I was wheeled to the anaesthetist, I hummed ‘God Save the Queen.’ It seemed appropriate and helped keep my pecker up and my blood pressure down. The bypass was a major op but relatively routine and given my age and general good health, everything went like clockwork. Please give a hand to Darren Morrow, a vascular surgeon with talented hands. He stitched me up good and proper (actually he super glued me up good and proper). I was discharged a few days ago and have been recovering at home ever since. I’m sore but otherwise in fine fettle, largely thanks to the liquid morphine (highly recommended). Those familiar with Blackadder will know that every queen has a nursie and I have mine. Liam is famed throughout Christendom for his bedside manner and grape peeling. I’m a lucky boy. But at times like this I wish I had a proper job – just so I could get three months off work with full pay. I was rarely ill during my time as a municipal bean-counter. Maybe I could apply for a back-dated payment?

21 thoughts on “God Save the Queen

  1. Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes. I’m repairing quite nicely, though slowly. I’m finding daytime TV very soporific – just the ticket to catch up on my sleep. 😀


  2. Liam is a little treasure and you are his jewel. Hope you haven’t been a pain in the ass. Fetch me, carry me, dust the telly, water next door’s hanging baskets…

    I was wondering how many boxed sets of Crossroads have you watched. Much better than Jeremy Kyle and Sandy was in a wheelchair too. Finally, does this mean the treadmill is consigned to your memories or will it be taken into your everyday routine?


    1. Other than the odd peeled grape, I haven’t been taking too much of an advantage – honest! Regrettably, the treadmill will remain a standing feature of my life for some while yet. 😦


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