Longer-term pansyfans may recall that I started having a bit of bother walking distances while we were in Turkey. The cardiologist at the local private hospital in Bodrum diagnosed Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. Apparently, I was running a marathon every night in my sleep making my little lallies tired during the day. I was prescribed a cocktail of blood thinners guaranteed to bring on early onset impotence and an anti-twitching drug usually used to treat Parkinson’s. My condition didn’t improve and so, now we’re back in Blighty, I had the whole business checked out at the StentNorfolk and Norwich University Hospital. I’m afraid the original diagnosis was a bit off target. A CT angiogram revealed that I have arterial blockages in both my groin and right thigh which won’t get better without surgery. A double stent will unblock my dodgy groin but the problem in my thigh requires an arterial bypass. My consultant looks like Dr Green from ER. It’s a shame I’m not under George Clooney.

Continued in Carry on Nurse.

20 thoughts on “Carry On Doctor

  1. Glad you finally got the right diagnosis – remind me again which hospital you went to in Bodrum!!


  2. Doctors are like car mechanics these days. Sometimes the diagnosis is more trouble than it’s worth, wasting both time and money.

    I too have heard about a couple of people who have had this surgery. No worries.


  3. Jack, sorry to hear of your health issues which have been troublesome for several years now. I speak on behalf of Pansy fans everywhere to say we are relieved that UK medicine is going to fix it though. And all under the wonderful NHS.
    I’m a tad concerned too on how you will successfully smuggle a carafe of white into the op theatre as it’s you usual choice of anaesthetic. And whatever you do please leave the lemon slices out of the g&t drip.
    You must have had some doubts with the “turkey diagnosis”. Besides, as rude as it may sound, your fans wouldn’t have expected you to be doing marathons every night.
    My thoughts are also with Liam who would have been valiantly manning every “water” station along the route. Both of you must be so looking forward to a speedy recovery to good health. Best wishes.
    Any thoughts on sending your turkish consultant your worn out plimsolls and a copy of the true diagnosis…


  4. Best wishes Jack. I hope you are back to running marathons soon 😉

    -You didnt?? Oh well, now’s the time to start :p


  5. I’m not reading this in order (and have already read about the procedure) but I’ll say sorry to hear about your (mis)diagnosis. Aging’s a bitch, eh? By the way, do you still have the twitchy legs, and if so, does the arterial blockages cause it? My sisters and I have the limb disorder, and I’ve always wondered about whether poor/blocked circulation could be a factor….


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