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Going, Going, Gone…

Book Cover Design view size Square (400 x 400)The Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide brought to you from the gorgeous Roving Jay is free (yes, FREE)  to download to your Kindle thingy from Amazon from now until 8am on Tuesday 4th June (Blighty time). This essential guide is a must have for anyone dipping their toes in this magical corner of Turkey. Get it while you can because when it’s gone, it’s gone (well, it won’t actually be gone but you’ll have to pay for it after the freebie period is up).

Click here to download from and here to download from

7 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone…

  1. Hi .. All Amazon sites seem to be working ok now. And the book is available to download for free for the next couple of days.

    @LCTC .. I emailed you a link for the site …


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