People Shaped Travel

Expedia, the giant American online travel company, is the latest corporation to step up to the plate in support of same-sex marriage in the States by commissioning a short promo video called ‘Find Your Understanding.’ When it was released, the video caused quite a stir across the pond with the religious right getting their bible belts in a twist. Say what you will about big business gate-crashing the equalities party and cashing in on the pink economy, but the more the merrier I say. It all helps the cause. I can’t help wondering though, where does Expedia stand on dispatching its customers to those far-flung places across the globe with abysmal records on human rights (including those where being opening gay can be extremely detrimental to your health)? Fancy a souk-fest in Saudi or a gorilla safari in Uganda? Book through Expedia for ‘people shaped travel.’ I can taste the hypocrisy.

10 thoughts on “People Shaped Travel

  1. I know what you’re saying but I don’t think we can expect a travel company to be responsible for the opinions of the countries they fly us to. I see companies like Expedia as simply trying to advertise the strengths and beauty of the different destinations they include in their destinations in order to get more people spending money on their site by booking to go there. Back to your original point, ‘the more the merrier’, I see the big advertisers as a barometer of change and although I haven’t seen this ad before, I think ‘Great! Jump aboard the bandwagon!’ As you say, the more the merrier 🙂


    1. I don’t really expect travel companies to pass moral judgement on the countries they feature, though a bit more honesty would be nice. It’s just if they step into politics (for whatever reason), they will get criticised. 😉


  2. Joe blogs accepting same sex marriage…. really quiet a big step and advertisers have managed to persuade the big companies that its worth targeting. Will it transfer that smoothly to politics ? possible the same advertising companies work for them too so why not. If the money counts the votes count but guess who is really getting ripped off. all of us.


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