Hyde Park on HudsonAnother free ticket for Cinema City and another viewing: ‘Hyde Park on Hudson.’ We were enticed by the promising trailer, but I’m afraid the trailer contained all the best bits. Given the context – the first official visit of a British monarch to the USA, desperately trying to drum up American support on the eve of World War Two – and the salacious depiction of President Roosevelt as a serial philanderer with a First Lady who liked to lick the lettuce, the movie was disappointingly flat. The narrative was plodding and the dialogue lacked depth. Laura Linney put in a fine performance as ‘Daisy,’ the President’s distant cousin and reluctant paramour, Bill Murray as Roosevelt did his best with an average script and Samuel West made a suitably terrified King George VI. But ‘The King’s Speech,’ this ain’t.

Watch the trailer and skip the film.

14 thoughts on “Hyde Park on Hudson

  1. I so dislike when the best parts are chosen for the trailer and then a big letdown when you go to see the movie. What a disappointment here. I haven’t seen this one and guess I don’t want to now. Thanks for the review.


  2. I agree it was a disappointment and I was hard pressed to get Ahmet to understand what was going on. I had to real through a History lesson and it got complicated but still think there was some entertainment factor in it.


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