Pot, Poofs and the Good Book

The wise people of the Yankee state of Washington have voted in a referendum to legalise both same sex marriage and the recreational use of marijuana. Perhaps the Good Book was right all along.

Leviticus 20:13: ‘A man who lays with another man should be stoned.’

Who knew?

21 thoughts on “Pot, Poofs and the Good Book

  1. Proud to be a Washingtonian AND having voted for both Prop-74 (Legalize Gay Marriage) and for I-522 (Marijuana)! Also, after a heated election, we also have a progressive Governor who will only continue to make strides in our little Northwest corner of the US.

    But I have to say, go on to youtube, if you have the stomach for it, and watch the election commercials. They are horrifying, depicting a man, walking with his dog and saying “if I can marry a man, why can’t I marry my best friend?” Those ‘sanctity of marriage’ lunatics went overboard on this one!


    1. Congratulations to Washington. You are rightly proud. I haven’t seen the election commercials but I’ve heard all the daft arguments – desperate measures from those who know the tide has turned against them.


    1. The UK has had civil unions since 2004 (with all the legal rights and duties akin to marriage). Liam and I got ‘wed’ in 2008. The current Govt is proposing to legalise civil (though not religious) marriages for England and Wales and the Scottish Govt is proposing total marriage equality (religious and civil). No religious organisation will be compelled to conduct same sex marriage though those that wish to will be be able to.


  2. I am surprised and impressed you were able to source this quote (from the book of many quotes!) Is there a choirboy past I don’t know about? Or is there an app for this sort of thing?


      1. All the homophobe fundamentalist Christians in Jamaica quote this line incessantly. It is a major plank in their bigotry (argument I mean…)


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