Suited and Booted

Now that our frivolous semi-retired life among the lotus-eating emigreys of the Aegean is behind us, I thought I’d mark the transition with a major makeover. Not me, of course (far too late for that). Regular readers will have noticed that the blog is now dressed in more sober attire. Backtobodrum commented:

“I have to comment that your blog now looks very organized and serious. Have you two gone back to wearing suits and ties?”

It’s an interesting observation because, in a way, we have. Liam’s got himself a part time job doing something with data. So much for giving up the wicked world of the waged but needs must when the Devil drives. The demon in this case is the continuing slide in Turkish interest rates. It’s a pre-emptive strike. We’re spending more or less the same here as we did in Bodrum, but we need to stitch the little hole that first appeared in the family purse a couple of years back. Working part time enables Liam to plug the gap and to meet his family obligations (the main reason we came back to Blighty). It also enables me to make a proper go at this writing lark (the other reason). When I get the film deal, Liam will be released from paid labours and return to his main function in life – sorting me out and peeling me grapes.

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12 thoughts on “Suited and Booted

  1. Interesting that you are spending more or less what you would have in Bodrum town – if you had known then what you know now – would you still have gone to Turkiye? My guess is yes, you needed to detox from that working world of suiting and booting!


  2. Good luck you two sounds so much like my partner and me, 2nd book just getting cover sorted out, but little or no sign of too much money yet. We are of course very hopeful and the writing bug has truly got Ahmet. We need to get his books translated to get a movie contract and I am very much hoping that gets done before where locked away. Our economic situation has always been pretty grim so, same as usual here. I really hope you make it Jack you write in such an engaging way (whatever that means) watching too many interviews I think.


  3. I just want to point out that I don’t peel grapes (or anything else) for Jack. As for sorting him out, well, public decency forbids me from commenting.


    By the way, I’m fully expecting Jude Law to play me in the film. The likeness is uncanny ;-).


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