Greats of Great Britain

Old pal Philip and his partner David are cheesemongers in St Margarets, Southwest London, just across Old Father Thames from Richmond. Their pongy shop is called Yellowwedge Cheese and it’s weathering the recessionary storm remarkably well considering. If you’re in the area pop in and sample their smelly wares. Philip also writes an excellent food blog called What’s for Tea Tonight, Dear?

Yellowwedge was voted best new retailer at the British Cheese Awards 2008, named in The Times Top 10 cheese shops in Britain for 2010 and 2011, and listed in the top 5 cheese shops in Britain in 2011 by Gongs are good. It’s a great way to raise the profile and earn a wedge. Now they’ve entered their cheese emporium into the Great Exhibition Awards with Greats of Great Britain. They need all the votes they can get so why not do them a small favour?

Need persuasion? Maybe this will convince you:

12 thoughts on “Greats of Great Britain

  1. I hardly needed persuading, being a complete cheese addict. Good luck to your friends, and may they weather the rough economic patch the UK is going through…


  2. you could kill me rather than showing this… 🙂 now l want all the cheese there.. l am a cheese addict… l will ask anybody l know to go to this shop and get me loads of cheese…


  3. Thanks Jack for your generous support, and thanks to everyone else for your kind words, and your votes! When we finally make it to Bodrum to visit I shall bring a suitcase full of cheese and throw a tasting party – Jack and Liam permitting.
    Sadly we only offer mail order within the UK mainland at the moment [costs and import / export regulations preclude international sadly], but you’re all most welcome if you find yourself in the area. When I did a tasting in Phnom Penh in 2010 it turned out that the wife of one of my guests that night was at home in England – living not 100 yards from the shop!


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