Our Man in Ankara

The British Embassy has just issued an update about the new Turkish health insurance regulations in relation to British emigreys. Essentially, we don’t have to join the scheme if we don’t want to. A storm in a çay cup?

10 thoughts on “Our Man in Ankara

  1. I was thinking about you guys with this, as a married couple you should only pay one premium and need to take a translation of your marriage certificate to register for SGK. I just wondered what their stance is in Turkey of same sex marriages and whether anyone has had any experience of this when registering?
    I finished your book, loved it! x


    1. Our relationship isn’t recognised in Turkish law so we are treated as two individuals. At worst they’d laugh at us. At best they’d shift uncomfortably. I know of a Turkish guy who has a civil partnership with a British guy. The Turk went to the British Consulate in Istanbul (the reason why isn’t important) and was laughed at by the Turkish staff.

      I’m really pleased you liked the book. Every little helps!


  2. Jack: As always, you write so beautifully it is hard to ignore you.
    Your journey is one that most people (including me) would love to do.
    You are one of the best authors on the planet!


  3. We just discovered your site yesterday via some friends here in Datça. We would just like to thank you for your valuable vigilance and communication with regard to the “health insurance scare”. As an ex-pat (England and Denmark) gay married couple we were also in shock at the prospect of finding the extra cash for the mandatory payments. Thank you for allaying our fears. (Mind you, the update on the British Embassy website still sounds ambivalent, don’t you think? Either that or just badly written)


    1. Happy to help. I agree that the embassy update could be better. I’m fairly certain this isn’t the last word on the matter so we’ll all need to keep a eye on it!


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