Russell is a hunky Brit vetpat who’s travelled across three continents with his gorgeous Aussie wife, Sarah, in search of a life less ordinary. He’s found it in Sydney (who wouldn’t?). Although Russ bats for the majority team, he’s very much a modern metrosexual kind of man and looks absolutely fabulous in his AussieBums (or so Sarah says). For those who have no idea what AussiesBums are, I’ve added a link for your titillation.

Russ kindly interviewed me as part of my virtual book tour. Hop over to A Life Less Ordinary to find out what I had to say. While you are there, why not check out the book?

Cue the naughty video.

12 thoughts on “AussieBum

  1. A pleasure, Jack. And even more so now you’ve revealed my true strength in donning a pair of Australia’s finest daywear.

    In case anyone was wondering, that’s me second from the right in the light blue budgie smugglers. Still got it (he wishes).


  2. Hilarious video and I love the guy in the purple trunks!! (AussieBums??) Jack, I am supposed to interview you still… what do I do, send you a list of questions?


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