Perking Across the Pond

I first stumbled across Jared a while ago. I can’t remember how. It was one of those chance meetings. I was immediately drawn to his writing – witty, eloquent, reflective, sometimes broody, sometimes ironic, always interesting, always honest. Two recurrent themes seem to re-surface – his relationship and love for his children and his relationship and love for his late father. These touching refrains are both intertwined and separate at the same time. It’s a fascinating and compelling paradox. You won’t be surprised to hear, therefore, that I’m delighted to be featured as a guest blogger on lick the fridge.

Hop over to Jared’s blog for Perking Across the Pond.

8 thoughts on “Perking Across the Pond

  1. I adore Califas. Would move there in a second. Lived there nearly 2 years in Santa Barbara, paradise on earth. What a fool I was to leave! Enjoy, Jack!


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