Gay’s the Word and Perking Down Under

I’m ecstatic to announce to the room that London’s Gay’s the Word, Blighty’s premiere LGBT bookshop (and voted 3rd in the top 50 bookshops in Britain by the Independent newspaper), have added Perking the Pansies to their illustrious shelves. This is better than sex. Gay’s the Word really is the place to be seen. If you’re in the area, pop in, browse the aisles and thumb through the many titles on offer (and buy my book, of course). To celebrate this latest achievement and whet your appetite, I’ve released the first five chapters for everyone to read.

It doesn’t end there. Are you sitting down? On the very same day I found out about Gay’s the Word, my publisher told me that the Bookshop – Darlinghurst, Australia’s pre-eminent LGBT bookstore is also offering the book for sale, just in time for Mardi Gras. The discerning readers of Sydney will have the opportunity to meet:

“…the oddballs, VOMITs, vetpats, emigreys, semigreys, debauched waiters and middle England miseries.”

I can now declare that, just like the British Empire of yesteryear, the sun never sets on these pansies.


Russell is a hunky Brit vetpat who’s travelled across three continents with his gorgeous Aussie wife, Sarah, in search of a life less ordinary. He’s found it in Sydney (who wouldn’t?). Although Russ bats for the majority team, he’s very much a modern metrosexual kind of man and looks absolutely fabulous in his AussieBums (or so Sarah says). For those who have no idea what AussiesBums are, I’ve added a link for your titillation.

Russ kindly interviewed me as part of my virtual book tour. Hop over to A Life Less Ordinary to find out what I had to say. While you are there, why not check out the book?

Cue the naughty video.