Freddie the Fat Fly

When you move to warmer climes, you expect to be bothered by bugs. There’s no Jack Frost to kill the critters off. Last night I was bothered by the fattest fly I have ever seen. Fat Freddie was the jumbo jet of flies and danced here and there but mostly danced around me. I’d always thought flies to be more of a nuisance than a menace until I looked up Wikipedia to discover that the humble house fly can carry over 100 pathogens. These include typhoid, cholera, salmonella, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, ophthalmia, and parasitic worms. Well, fancy that. ‘Don’t mess with me, Freddie,’ I warned. ‘I’m fatter than you and I have WMDs.‘ Fat Freddie took no heed. Fearing terminal consumption and a bad case of the runs, I zapped the feckless fat fly with Raid. That was the end of Freddie.

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14 thoughts on “Freddie the Fat Fly

  1. OMG…I didn’t realise flies carried so many awful bugs…eeeew! I’m not happy about killing creatures but I hate files and mosquitoes so make an exception in their case.


  2. Well done!! Yes, the tea towel is a method perfected by my husband, if you should ever want a demonstration. Flies in our tropical home only seem to appear (out of nowhere) at meal times. Ugh. Mosquitoes are our constant plague, and they bring dengue fever etc…


  3. If its in my house or garden it dies !
    Although I did stop my car to let a snake cross the road infront of me.
    i was severly reprimanded by locals who said it could bite a child .
    My grandchild ! So, sorry snake never cross my path again .


  4. . . no problems with the ‘pathogens’ in ‘Raid’ then? d-Phenotrin; Tetramethrin; no specific antidotes offered there; even the propane propellant is toxic! Fit fly screens – and leave the snakes alone, they do an awful lot of good; certainly more than Johnson & Johnson (or whatever they call themselves these days).


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