It’s a Bug’s Life

Now we’ve moved to the gaudy lights of Bodrum Town we no longer hear the rhythmic call of crickets that rocked us gently to sleep but are mercifully spared the worst ravages of the squadrons of ravenous mosquitos that disturbed our slumber. Mother Nature’s splendid beasts are a wonder to behold, even the bug variety (except cockroaches which are an abomination).

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I should add I don’t extend my wonderment to the glory of nature to the army of tiny brown ants that I found marching across our kitchen work surface. Dousing them in bleach soon dealt with that little problem.

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16 thoughts on “It’s a Bug’s Life

  1. Jack, when you are in the UK get some ‘Nippon’ from the hardware shop. It works a treat – it’s a sugery syrup that the workers take back and feed to the queen. Hey Presto! It sterilises her and the nest dies out in short order.


  2. I lemon cologne everything, nothing likes that stuff especially the ants. Miss the sound of the crickets now back in the UK.


  3. Lizie the lizard is giving me a helping hand with the bugs along with a 9 month puppy called Daisy the crazy. Unfortunately Daisy has had a few too many close encounters with the ones which fight back but she still finds them great play things. I found a spray Detan maxi Böcek ilacı for coach roaches which brings the poison back to the nest worth a try you spray it around the corners of the rooms and is not harmful for pets like Lizie & Daisy. I am now looking for a spray which will protect me from Daisy & Lizie as these can be harmful for humans.


  4. I’ve been wiping up ants with tissues with a few drops of tea tree oil. They hate it, and some even shrivel up immediately. I dropped some oil straight into their hiding places between the floorboards the other day, and the next day there was an ant cemetery! They’d dragged all the corpses out and left them for me to clean up, which I was perfectly happy to do…


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