Sense and Insensitivity

Online forums are an essential part of life for both emigreys and those with holiday homes in a foreign land. At best they encourage a sense of community and provide invaluable guidance and advice. At worst they give a platform for nutters and ne’er do wells to vent their spleens. Sometimes the moderators have a tough job keeping the bile in check. You take the rough with the smooth, the classy with the crass. A thick skin and a sense of humour is a prerequisite. I recently come across a Turkish forum where the debate seems more measured and the discourse more civilised. It’s called Turkishlife Forums. Take a look and if you like it, why not join the club?

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13 thoughts on “Sense and Insensitivity

  1. I never had the patience to look into forums and when I did the format was so ” busy” that I stepped off, what is a way to select the best forums, could you help me with this? Thanks…
    ps I will look into the turkish forum…


    1. It depends what you’re looking for. There are several area specific forums for the Fethiye and surrounding resorts and for Kusadasi with information more specific about those particular parts of Turkey. There’s Turkey Central, the Turkish Living Forum and the Turkishlife Forums for Turkey in general. They can be great places to find out information from people in the know. However, personally I stay clear of the debates as they can get quite heated and designed to send my blood pressure into orbit. Be warned, there are some strange people out there!


  2. I’ve dipped ,in and out of a number of expat forums and know exactly what you mean Jack. Some people use them as a means to insult and disrupt…probably the kind of people who wouldn’t have the courage to say what they do to someone face to face…easy to hide anonymously behind a screen.

    That link doesn’t work for me by the way.

    I also found a good forum where people are generally polite, well mannered and its very informative:


  3. I think it’s crazy how many people get their jollies just by writing hateful/rude/pointless/racist/etc. garbage on forums!

    It’s the modern day way of being spineless and anonymous, while still making a point that nobody cares about!

    The phenomenon on YouTube is so fervid that a new term has even been coined: “trolling”. Trolling is when you write something mean or negative just for the point of being an ass!


    1. Completely agree. Social inadequates, most of ’em. It’s fascinating that the word trolling has been purloined. In my day it meant ‘cruising’ (as in gay cruising) and comes from Polari which was an underground slang language used by gay people (and others) in Blighty before the days of liberation. The only word that passed into modern parlance is ‘naff’ which means nasty, bad, unfashionable. Check polari out on wikipedia!


  4. Uffff, forums. They terrify the life out of me!! I joined a general Turkey one a couple of years back and was promptly (publicly) told off by the moderator for doing something wrong in the sign-up process. That was the end of my forum career! 🙂 Might have a look at the one you suggested…


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