Fat Fly Season

The weather has finally turned glorious after an unpromising start but it’s fat fly season. Turkish flies are so much bigger and more annoying than their British relatives. Liam has become a serial bug killer, declaring chemical war on the troublesome pests. Busy bees are buzzing about the buds, all manner of creepy crawlies are creepy crawling, the mozzie net is up and the duvet reduced to a sheet.

I climbed an old rickety ladder to turn on the solar hot water system and we bought a ceiling fan for the bedroom which I proudly installed. I used extra long screws to fix it to the ceiling. I can’t be sure I haven’t punctured the flat roof. We’ll know next time it rains. We feared decapitation when we first turned it on. Liam flicked the switch and we watched the blades slowly rotate like a turbo-prop. Hey presto, I’m now a qualified electrical engineer as well as a bone fide plumber.

7 thoughts on “Fat Fly Season

  1. Years ago a friend of ours bought some wellies from the bazaar. They were marked “good to 10,000 volts”!. We always wondered who had actually tested them 🙂


  2. A new gadget is on the market an ultra sound device which deters all cockroaches snakes etc within a determined distance I have not tried it yet but am awaiting the response from some eager buyers


    1. I used to have a gadget like this to keep the cats out of my courtyard garden in London. It didn’t stop them peeing on my pot pansies and digging up my dahlias.


  3. omg that brought back memories of my re-occuring nightmares with a bedroom fan that we would be decapitated in the night and wake up with blood and heads everywhere. I still have a fear of rickety ole fans in Turkey. Once a huge shadow spun round with our fan and i thought it was a magnified shadow of a fly and it turned out to be a bat in our bedroom flying around with a wing of the fan……..petrified. Thank god i now only have the odd bumble bee and ant to contend with and occasionally a seagull flying into our window or divebombing us when going out and leaving their shitty callling cards all over the car!! I have to admit I dont miss the stifling heat either (well not yet anyway). x


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