Cut Glass


The mercury has risen. Summer is suddenly slapping us about the face like a sweaty flannel and the pansies are wilting.  We took a stroll in the blazing sunshine along the refurbished promenade for a spot of lunch by the breezy harbourside. The Town is looking splendid, dressed in brand new quality livery. A new avenue of elegant adolescent saplings has been planted rising above a riot of red bedding flowers. The municipal gardeners should be proud of their speed and skill.

We took a seat at a waterside café near Castle Square to quench our thirsts. We sniggered like spotty school boys when the waiter placed the glasses on the table. They reminded us of something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

11 thoughts on “Cut Glass

  1. I can attest to the Mercury. We’d been enjoing the cooler climes of your old stomping ground for a few days before venturing South to inspect the Bodrum improvements – we could handle the improvements but not the heat. So after a quick bite of lunch – we headed north again.


  2. Would it have been a penis that you were thinking of Jack……..only trying to help you out here fella…lol


  3. Hahaha! At first, as I was reading about the heat in Turkey, and seeing the glass out of the corner of my eye, I stupidly thought: “did the glass just melt like that in the heat?”

    But then I smartened up, and saw you were talking about a penis glass, so all’s good! 😉


  4. As Jack’s partner, I just wanted to say that I simply don’t approve of him lowering the tone of his important and earnest blog by entering the world of willy glasses. What next, boob plates?


    Okay, okay, I took the photo 😉


  5. um I think means a rude word for lady bits, sik bein the equivalent on the male anatomy. The cry of the inebriated chav of “um feeling sick” could very easily be mis-interpreted


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