Separating the Wheat from the Chavs

Released from the bonds of vacuous acquaintance we’ve separated the wheat from the chavs, emigrey-wise. Pretentiousness and reinvention is something of a lifestyle choice for many. I’m surprised our hosts indulge it with such good humour. I guess it helps to keep the economy turning, particularly during the lean months. Dyed-in-the-wool conservatism (both with a large and a small C) is unsurprising since the majority of emigreys tend to be a generation above us. Even so, the moral absolutism from the binge whingers is hard to stomach and the irony of widespread, thinly disguised racism and xenophobia is lost on most.

6 thoughts on “Separating the Wheat from the Chavs

  1. I agree. We met a couple in Yalikavak where the American husband was openly and loudly racist. Referred to local villagers as animals and complained about the call to prayers from the mosque next to his newly built villa


    1. I am an American and reading your comment makes me ashamed. Sorry you had to meet up with “The Ugly American.”

      We’re not all like that. This American sends cyber hugs and prayers for the local villagers you mention.

      This American holds all mosques and calls to prayers with respect and honor.


      Linda Della Donna


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