American Idol

A pansy flasher from Los Angeles prompted me to do a bit of digging about and I think I’ve just exceeded my 15,000th American hit. I can’t be completely certain as WordPress doesn’t  do geographical stats so I cobbled the figures together from other sources. However, what is clear is that around a fifth of pansy fans now come from across the pond. I’m at a complete loss as to why this is. Perking the Pansies is about expat life in a faraway land written in a peculiarly British camp Carry On style with a side of extra bite. I never imagined my irreverent drivel would appeal to our Yankee cousins who’ve developed a different brand of humour since independence. I hoped I might capture a few punters in New York and San Francisco but it seems that the pansies have penetrated every single state in the Union. I feel like a minor American Idol.

Talking of the City of Angels, I have many fun memories of my whirlwind tour of southern California way back in 1991. I was rendered speechless by the sheer scale of the larger than life city, fell head over heels for the charm of Laguna Beach, got gloriously drenched at SeaWorld*, screamed like a girl at Disneyland, leered lasciviously at the muscle marys  pumping iron on Venice Beach and laughed out loud at the absurdity of Palm Springs. The final part of my all too brief break saw me tripping the light fantastic in seedy West Hollywood, epicentre of gay life in LA LA Land. I lodged at the San Vincente Inn, a delightful gay hotel back in the day. Alas it now appears the place has degenerated into a cesspit of shameless debauchery.  None of that happened to me, more’s the pity.

*I don’t really approve of performing animals these days even when it’s done which such care as is the case with SeaWorld.

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9 thoughts on “American Idol

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and I’m really pleased you enjoy my missives. Yes, I did really enjoy my trip to California as well as my other visits across the pond over the years.


  1. Not all Pansy Flashers in the good ole US of A are yankee doodles – I’m sure there’s a fair smattering of expats like me, who hanker for some good old down home British sarcasm – something that Brits excel at – and you are leading by example!


  2. Hi,just found this and found you info a great read. My partner Andy and me have been holidaying in Bodrum for 17yrs now and are off again on the 19th of june and again in september. We have talked at length about moving there for the past few years.It will happen i guess within the next 2 to3 years. I do feel we will have to work . We are both social workers and specialise in learning difficulties and both love the work we do . We love living life to the full when i Bodrum and if we choose to do the same when we live there we would have to work. Im trying with great dificulty to learnt Turkish with the help of Rossetta stone. Thanks for the read .Graeme


    1. I used to work in social care in London before moving here. It was good career but kinda burned me out in the end. Good luck with your plans. Bodrum, and Turkey generally, is a great place to put your feet up and watch the pansies grow! I assume you know that if you do decide to move here permanently it will be hard for you to work here legally.


  3. Like you, I seem to have a fair contingent back in the US (and no, I’m not talking family/friends). Some are, of course, folks heading toward Nederland, but others I think (hope) just enjoy a peek at a different life. As Roving Jay said, you lead by example with British wit with a hint of sarcasm. Not surprised you’re an American Idol 😉


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