Back, Sack and Crack

Fancy a Trim?

One advantage of living in hair dryer heat is rapidly dried laundry. Our smalls that are strung low so as to not offend our neighbours are dried in a flash, sheets flap gently to an instant arid crispness and towels desiccate in a jiffy. Direct sun is not required as a breezy Turkey in August is like an open air tumble dryer. Not that there is much washing to dry since we  wander round in only loose cotton shorts in a vain attempt to avoid a nasty rash in our sweaty nether regions. Perhaps we should emulate the locals by getting a back, sack and crack wax. I wonder if our local barber would oblige?

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19 thoughts on “Back, Sack and Crack

  1. Great isn’t it? Winter’s a nightmare for drying. I hang my stuff out at night – looks after the draining of colour by sunlight and discolour of whites and it’s dry even by the time “Drummer Boy” makes an arrival.

    On the subject of bum and undercarriage waxing – I’d be intrigued to see how you get on with this (I dare you). One of my girlie friends has this done regularly and explained to me how the Turkish lady “who does” doesn’t stop until every offending folicle is banished. I asked about her embarassment whilst laying there with legs akimbo. She said her dignity vanished after a while as the “waxer” didn’t bat an eyelid ouch!


  2. You crack (no pun intended) me up. I’m sure the local women’s salon would oblige – I am trying to find the name of the salon I visited in Bodrum there for a similar purpose with my sister in law – off of the caddesi just in front of the marina where the car rental places are…will write if I have it.


      1. LOL! You and your blog have distinctly improved my outlook on life each day. Here’s to the wonders of sardonic! Seriously, great work, keep it up, and can’t wait for the book. 🙂


  3. Never again ! With the regrowth came an abscess from an impacted folicle ( a common occurance here ) Excrutiating pain and agony ! Three weeks of misery and the probability of surgery ..
    I will just wear longer shorts


  4. That give’s new meaning to a number 2. I wouldn’t risk any misunderstanding at the barbers.. a tube of Veet, 2 spatulas and a stop watch is really all you need.


  5. ‘A tube of Veet, 2 spatulas & a stop watch is really all you need loves.’
    Ain’t gonna happen. But very funny.


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