Tick Tock

Liam has become increasingly alarmed at the pendulosity of my neatly pruned testiculaire.  It’s a long hot summer and without the provision of a support hose, gravity has taken its toll. I could run a grandfather clock with ’em.

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Back, Sack and Crack

Because I’m Worth It

12 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. If I didn’t know you this would be okay, but I do know you, and you sleep in my house and I’ve been a little bit sick now.

    I couldn’t sleep tonight, now I daren’t sleep!

    K xxxx


  2. On the grounds of decency and propriety (and because I am a good Catholic boy), I would like to disassociate myself from this post. Anyway, they’re not THAT big.


  3. BBC editor John Simpson once did a tv interview with Idi Amin. From where he (and the camera) was sat opposite the old tyrant he could clearly view what he described as ‘two enormous, purple aubergines’ displayed down the leg if Idi’s shorts. Simpson said he was too terrified to point out the cluster and the interview went ahead.


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