Tarty Chic

We sank a jar in a glitzy overpriced watering hole along the marina promenade and observed the rich-kids at play. The children of the Turkish urban elite are a strange breed. Many of the boys wouldn’t look out of place in Soho and the girls drape themselves in expensive tarty-chic virtually indistinguishable from the Russian ladies of the night who ply their trade discretely around them. It all conveys an emancipated image that I suspect is illusory given the deeply conservative nature of society even at the highest echelons.

7 thoughts on “Tarty Chic

  1. I agree with you, most young Turkish girls do dress as you say similar to ‘women of the night’. You hardly see anyone who is trendy and sophisticated, We foreigner’s can pull it off, so why can’t they?
    Also with make up, less is more, but the Turkish girls pile it on!!


  2. At the risk of being controversial to the point of death threats, I will share my observation that most of the world live deep in hypocrisy, and that the more overtly religious seem to be the most guilty.

    That’s why I favour animals of the non-human variety.


  3. I was shaking out my sofa cover when a bunch of fully covered woman passed underneath so unusual it is to see here I stopped for a while to look. I realized they where not Turks and quiet possible that they lived in the UK. They where going out for the evening and suddenly the air was heavily perfumed, they had soaked themselves in perfume.


    1. Hi Yvonne. I don’t think I’ve ever seem fully covered women in Turkey. I don’t think it’s the tradition. You’re probably right that they were foreigners. It would be interesting to know what devout Turks think of it.


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