Sizzling Bodrum

Old Bodrum Town has hit the season running. In the heat of the day people slowly amble along the promenade, gorge on gossip in the cafés, browse and graze in the posh shops or relax under cooling shade of a tall palm tree. By night the prom sizzles to the heavy beat of Turkopop and a madding crowd of the weird, the wonderful and the well-to-do. This is my rapid round up of what’s hot and what’s not along Bodrum’s celebrated promenade.

Musto’s – Great food, great prices, great host and popular with the biker’s fraternity
Zazu – Nice food, pricey wine, good ambience
Hong Kong – Cross the street to avoid the relentless hassle from the waiters
Good old M&S – Older Turkish men just love their Blue Harbour range
Sünger Pizza. An old Bodrum stalwart. Unpretentious. Try and get a table on the roof terrace
Kahve Dünyası – Great coffee, pretty waiters and a chocolate spoon with every cup
Marina Vista – Lovely hotel in a great location. Pity about the surly service
Tango – So, so steaks, astronomic wine prices, arrogant waiters.
The Yacht Club – Cool place with live music
Fink – You’d need a second mortgage to drink in here
Helva – I spy a lady of the night
Is there anywhere in the world without a Starbucks?

19 thoughts on “Sizzling Bodrum

  1. nice pics doesn’t Bodrum look chic and well turned out these days, we all have fond memories of the old Bodrum, with electric and water cuts, streets flooded and a dead cow in the flow of water, electrocuted from a fallen line. Where you could walk along the harbour and say hello to a zillion people you knew. Stagger home at the crack of dawn protected by a pack of friendly street dogs and not a scary lurking figure in sight.

    Moving out of the centre of Bodrum some 13 years ago to the sleepy village of Bitez (as it was then) feeling like I was truly living in the country (really) the kids grown up, the bank balance is secure, Im not that Bitez hippy anymore, i want the bright lights again the ambiance, I want to throw off my birkenstocks and don a pair of heels and stroll (totter) along the harbour front. A good coffee and a chat, good food, good wine, live music, be apart of this new hip scene those Bodrum lights are calling me back.


  2. Glad to see Sünger is still going strong. On of my favourite haunts in Bodrum more than 10 years ago. Mmm…must pay another visit soon!


  3. Bugday means wheat does this restaurant still operate it was a vegetarian restaurant ? Run by Victor an old friend of my partner he would really like to know


  4. My husband is now really upset because they used to joke together as to who was going to die 1st. as my husband is a big meat eater and unfortunately rather over weight. The article says sudden death & death unknown so who knows ?


    1. I’ve just realised that I do know the restaurant. I have looked around the shop but not eaten there. It’s still there and serving veggie food in a very Bohemian style.


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