Lonely Heart

We received a serious and more distressing message on Gaydar. It came from a young Turkish man and read in broken, but serviceable English:

‘heello guys ım living close to bodrum .in Milas.ım 23 yearsold.wannameet.talk conversation if u want.ı really need talk’

I glanced at his profile. There is no picture and he states that he’s from Barnstable in England. I doubt he’s even heard of Barnstable. He wrote in his personal description:

IM honest.married.ım an secret gay.has hairy body:)

Cry for help or just a come on? We didn’t know either. I lost sleep over it.

5 thoughts on “Lonely Heart

  1. Sounds like a wind up to me, although there are many Turks who are married and gay. They must hide their sexual preferences from family and friends.
    If you lost sleep over it, why don’t you contact him? Perhaps he needs to talk things through and doesn’t know who he can trust.


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