The End is Nigh

To paraphrase Mark Twain the reports of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated. I arose yesterday morning expecting the Day of Judgement only to find a day of sunshine. Poor Harold Camping, leader of the Family Radio Ministry got it wrong again. It’s a tough call. The Old Testament was originally written in ancient Hebrew and has changed down the centuries as it has been transliterated from one language to another. I doubt what we read today bears much resemblance to the original texts. Perhaps this is why the old goat can’t get his sums right. For months happy clappy Harry and his nutty band of religious doomsayers have been touring the United States in a camper van spreading the good news to the damned. I bet they feel stupid now.

7 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Who’s to say? The old twit has gone to ground, or possibly ascended to the Rapture alone.
    Scary, though, that so many people are prepared to be led by such tenuous rubbish – to the point where they have sold up entirely in readiness!

    I also understand that non-profit Family Radio business has over $100 million in assets now from all the donations. Hmmmmm….. Rapture comes in all shapes and sizes, perhaps.


  2. Son and Daughter just could not understand how people could be so gullible as to believe this. It lead to lots of dinner time discussions of faith, religion, believing, etc. Unfortunately I’m sure there are others out there who have witnessed the brouhaha and now have a blueprint for the next cataclysmic end of the world…


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