Clunk, Click Every Trip

The Turkish Government is blitzing the airwaves with a road safety campaign. A combination of light-hearted and deadly serious adverts are being broadcast to warn of the dangers and consequences of jumping lights without a seatbelt while yelling down a mobile phone. It will take divine intervention to break the Turkish love affair with suicidal driving but ten out of ten to the Government for trying.

Liam does all the driving in our family but will only drive in Turkey when absolutely necessary. He’d rather negotiate the North Circular during the morning rush hour than the Torba Road at any time. Our near-fatal crash earlier in the year killed his confidence. He’s had his fill of lunatic Turks and inebriated emigreys. I never learned to drive. I never saw much point in London where jumping on the Tube is by far the most efficient way of crossing the city. Liam’s lot in life is to chauffeur me around. He calls it driving Miss Daisy.

6 thoughts on “Clunk, Click Every Trip

  1. We have an absurd situation here at the moment whereby the Spanish police are stopping to fine all extranjeros for (for exmple) driving in sandals without heel straps, or not having the dog belted into the back seat. During this operation a moped can be passing unsanctioned bearing two adults with a child sandwich between them, and a goat in the front basket. And none of them will be wearing helmets!!


    1. It’s odd but the opposite is often true here. The police can’t be bothered with visitors, particuarly if they’re driving hire cars. Too much hassle! You’ve given me an idea for a post.


  2. What?!? The goat doesn’t wear a helmet?!? Sacrilege! A friend who moved from Nederland to Dubai says she prefers to avoid driving on the 5-lane highways. You’d think there’d be enough room to remain safe, but I guess you’d be wrong. Once again, you’re lucky to have Liam 😉


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