Parlez Vous Francais?

The Perking the Pansies Showcase can now be translated in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Now something like 90% of the planet can read my trivial drivel. Mind you it’s done by Google so who knows how meaningful the translations will be. I haven’t yet found a way to make the showcase available in Turkish which is ironic considering I live in and write about Turkey.

3 thoughts on “Parlez Vous Francais?

  1. … I usually find that when Google (or Babelfish or any of the other online translators) translates text, it usually reads like a script from the old BBC ‘Allo Allo’ series…. so should be very amusing! I have just ‘translated’ your above post into ‘Turkish’ for you which follows….. and I imagine any of your Turkish friends will be rolling round in the aisles when they read it (Karios… show this to Abdu and see what he makes of it!!!). Here goes the “Turkish…… ” Hercai menekşeleri neşelendiriyor vitrin şimdi Korece’nin, Japonca’nın, İtalyanca’nın, Almanca’nın, Fransızca’nın, Çince’nin, Rusça’nın ve İspanyolca’nınçevirileme. şimdi % gezegen tenekesi gibi birşey benim değersiz boş sözümü okudu. Sana dikkat et Google tarafından yapılan it’s kim çevirilerin olmayacağını biliyor. Ben haven’t henüz vitrin var atama bir yolu alaylı olan Türkçe’ in buldu ben yaşarım ve Türkiye’yi yaklaşık yazırım.

    ….and just for fun, I reversed the translation and your blog now reads….. ” The vitrine is pleasing the inconstant violets recently the Korean, the Japanese, the Italian, the German and the French and the Chinese and the Russian language (Ispanyolca’nincevirileme). Recently % (birsey) read the my empty worthless remark tinplate made. Careful attention it’s which is done from her side Google does to the you who is sharpening unseemly. The I haven’t the vitrine reaches yet appointment the Turkish language whose road becomes mocking she found getting off the I live the Turkey I write approximate. !!!


    1. Hilarious. I hope the blog doesn’t provoke an international incident. The only bit that makes sense is ‘read the my empty worthless remark.’ Spot on, I’d say! Love the house, by the way.


  2. I’m thinking you offer every post in (your) English, and then in the English re-translation of the Google-translated Turkish as Shazeroo has done. Truly hilarious!
    Since Dutch uses a slightly different word order, I’ve found that if I try speaking Dutch as if I were speaking bad English, I’m pretty close to correct. I’m sure it works vice versa as well.


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