Catch Me If You Can

Nearly three years down the line, we really thought we’d dodged the COVID bullet. But then our luck ran out. While in Bulgaria, we both started to develop a cough – nothing too onerous, just a tickly irritant. Better safe than sorry, we took a lateral flow test when we got home. And, yes, you guessed it, the dreaded lurgy had finally caught up with us.

We don’t know if we caught COVID before, on the way to or during our brief getaway but we were relieved that our Bulgarian hosts proved to be negative. We didn’t fancy blood on our hands.

Our symptoms were fairly mild – more man-flu than death-bed – and, for me, didn’t last long. After a few feet-up duvet days watching mind-numbing daytime telly, I was feeling much better. Sadly, for Liam, it still lingers like an unwelcome guest who won’t leave.

During our confinement, our neighbours were marvellous, with offers of help and home deliveries. Thankfully, we already had a supermarket shop booked – otherwise we might have run out of wine. Now that would have been a real emergency. Special thanks to our local innkeeper’s missus who popped by with pick-me-up McDonald’s milkshakes. You know who you are!

10 thoughts on “Catch Me If You Can

  1. Sorry, and I hope Liam’s symptoms are gone soon.
    So far, I’ve been lucky. But I’ve been exceedingly careful. There’s one little restaurant a few blocks away (in Mexico—yes, I’m that close) that is so un-busy I wonder how they stay in business. I eat there.
    Everywhere else, I can eat outside, and if there is no outdoor seating, there are nearby parks and balconies at public spaces. I have flown once and of course wore a mask the whole time instead everyone else since it was still required. I grocery shop masked when the store opens at 6 AM and I’m out of there before it’s busy at all. I host and attend barbecues and any other kind of outdoor activity, but that’s it. Thankfully we have a wonderful farmers market every Saturday and the next town over, a mere 35 miles away, has one on Thursday.
    I have a weird history with viruses. They do bizarre things to me. So is my full intention to not get sick!

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    1. Liam’s on the mend now, thanks. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things keeping your distance and living the outdoor life. It’s a bit harder here on our overcrowded wet little island! 😉

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      1. Amazingly easy to be outdoors much of the time here. Come to the west one day. I think you’d really enjoy the vastness. Although I have known some people from New York City who came out here and were almost terrified of all the space!

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  2. Glad you are feeling better. The virus affects people so differently. My MIL has been sick for three months. I’m talking waking up on the floor from having passed out. We finally discovered that Covid can seriously affect your inner ear! Who knew. The ear doc says that she has seen A LOT of people with the same symptoms. She is being treated and is on the mend. I have been lucky but this is a good reminder.


  3. So sorry that it caught up with you both, but glad that it seems that you are nearly through the worst. I mustn’t get over confident, but I haven’t caught it yet, and I had my fourth jab last week, so fingers crossed. Very pleased that you have made such good friends and neighbours since your move who have rallied round and supported you both.


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