Street Life

It was a warm but rainy day for our first forage into Norwich since March’s lockdown. I must admit we felt unexpectedly anxious at the prospect of leaving the sanctuary of the village and heading into town on a bus. We girded our loins, with masks and sanitisers cocked and ready.

It was actually fine. Because of social distancing rules, bus capacity has been reduced and, as we were two of only six passengers, there was plenty of room. This didn’t stop a young couple sitting together in non-designated seats and removing their masks to chat. What is it with the young? They may feel indestructible, safe in the knowledge that the dreaded lurgy is unlikely to bring them down, but that won’t stop them super-spreading to the rest of us.

It was good to get back into the city again. Norwich was busy but not packed – almost normal. Big Issue sellers were back on the streets and most cafés and shops were open. The only thing noticeably missing were the buskers and artists who, in better times, provide a weird and wonderful addition to Norwich’s street life.

Wherever we went seemed well-organised and COVID-secure with lots of one-way systems going on. Most people complied. No one was overwhelmed with punters, though. It’s an anxious time for traders, I’m sure.

After a bit of retail therapy, we headed to the Lamb Inn for a cheeky bottle of blush and some hearty pub grub, using a handy app to order and pay. Our food and drinks were brought to our table by a delightful young waitress. It was all done efficiently and with a reassuring smile. I think this continental style table service might catch on – until winter sets in that is.

Norwich in sunnier days…

8 thoughts on “Street Life

  1. I was in Bacalar Friday evening. The square was completely void of vendors. I know a couple for which it is their only income. I worry for people. 😞


  2. Mostly the young not good in Dalyan not wearing masks, then add the ‘ex pats’ who believe they are also invulnerable because they were on 12 week complete lock down. But we have cars from all over Turkey including the most affected cities now hanging out down here and the Brits are beginning to arrive. Oh dear. I think Britain appears to be better organised in some places, We shall see.

    Anyway nice to see photos of Norwich I take it your buskers, Morris dancers etc. are from pre COVID days? Haven’t been to Norwich since about 1996.


    1. Yes, all pre-COVID Norwich images taken over the last couple of years. Let’s hope the buskers will be back soon. Hoping there’s no new spike in Turkey 😦


  3. Oh yes and sorry I forgot I finished Turkey Street. I enjoyed that tale too, as you mentioned not as light hearted maybe as Perking the Pansies and still a good read. One point many of the phrases you list as being Ulster Irish are also common in the Highlands and North of Scotland, maybe some Gaelic connection there, who knows. Anyway another good read.


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