I hear bees are becoming an endangered species and if we don’t do something about it, we’re stuffed too – that is if Mother Nature doesn’t wipe us out with a nasty virus first. And who could blame her? To do my bit to placate the gods I bought a bee bomb – a collection of wildflower seeds which, when in bloom, attract bees and a host of other pollinators. I scattered the seeds over a raised bed, watered them in and forgot about it. Come June, to my delight and astonishment, the bomb had exploded into a riot of daisies, cornflowers, poppies, marigolds and many others this city boy has never heard of and couldn’t pick out in a line up. The tangled bouquet is strafed daily by squadrons of flying bugs while ants and ladybirds harvest the abundance of juicy aphids from the forest of matted stems.

Elsewhere on the farm, a curious mole poked his head above ground before thankfully moving on to greener pastures and a hedgehog emerged from the undergrowth next door to feed, oblivious to the pair of wood pigeons shagging on a gate. The love birds enjoyed it so much they came back the following afternoon for seconds. Meanwhile, larger fauna basked in the warm sunshine feeding on pink gin.

12 thoughts on “Life and Death in Paradise

  1. Love the flowers. I have tried to do the same thing here with the soil in this area is almost pure clean. Things struggle to grow. Including most of the flower seeds I’ve ever put out over the last 14 years. But I have had some success is in one of these days I’ll be posting a few issues of a blog called “my desert garden” Because somehow through this all I have managed to come up with some color and even some food. Your yard looks just the right size and because it’s in closed I guess you have some good privacy. That is something that will be very important to me someday when I sell this big monstrosity and find something smaller. I need a small private courtyard where there is some sun. I want to be able to lounge in my beautiful overly-wrinkled nakedness.

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    1. We’re lucky with a temporate climate. Things grow just by looking at them! Our back garden is pretty small like many here in England. We’re overlooked a bit so sun bathing in the buff isn’t an option. 😆

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  2. Marginally curious that you hadn’t heard bees were endangered before now. That info has been everywhere for a several years now. In fact I wanted to get my own bees in the north of Scotland but my husband refused point blank. Instead we agreed on a Fairy Garden, this 5 years ago now and we have bug houses and all manner of the ‘right’ flowers plus fairies in a castle I believe, not see the latter as stranded in Dalyan. I do have bee hives round the corner in a filed in Dalyan (not mine) and the bees and I dance round the clover as I hang my washing out or get it in. W also have more wildlife this year, as in hedgehogs, blue jays, tortoises etc. largely due to lack of tourists, this may be due to change. the other flora and fauna will be easy to maintain not sure about keeping the large fauna in pink gin could turn out expensive. Keep writing and stay safe,


    1. I did know about bees, I was being sarky as usual. I think I’ll keep the large fauna He has his uses! Your fairy garden sound fantastic. Sorry to hear you’re stranded in Dalyan but I guess there are worse places to be stranded. 🙂


      1. Oh sarky ha ha, went over my head. Yes there are worst places to be stranded true lol. We didn’t really intend to experience July and August this year but to be back in the north of Scotland for the school holidays, As there’s been no school that’s maybe not so vital. But much has happened since we came back here in March and for most of that time us older people have been interred. Enjoyed Perking the Pansies (never miss the ‘p’ off predictive text could cause an interesting problem) by the way (was recommended to me by Lisa Morrow) and just started Turkey Street. The Fairy Garden is great for attracting bugs and bees, the Head Fairy is in charge, bit dodgy leaving a 6 year old i charge unicorns start to arrive!! Glad to here the large fauna has his uses, never keep anything ot anyone who is not useful.


      2. August in Turkey? We know what that’s like! Really pleased you enjoyed Perking the Pansies and hope you like Turkey Street. It’s a bit more serious but still fun, I hope. I also hope you’re able to get home soon. Cheers! 🙂


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