Greece beckons – seven lazy days round a Cretan pool. As with last year, we’re flying from Norwich’s bijou international airport but, unlike last year, we’ve gone up a notch or two, accommodation-wise. We’re so off the beaten track, there’s no track at all, just a collection of stone cottages sprinkled over the side of a hill with its own spring and a couple of travel awards. And the unpretentious comfort has earned it a sparkling set of five-star reviews. Our sanctuary for the week is the Aphrodite Guest House, close to the bar. Expectations are high.

Although it’s a paradise for hikers and bikers, we plan to do little but sleep, float, eat, sup, read, bonk, play snap and cheat at scrabble. The only exception, I think, will be a trip to ancient Knossos. As one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, it’s bound to be nose to nipple with babbling coach parties. But it’s there and it’s not far, so it would be an insult to give it a miss.

Who knows? We may turn into lotus eaters – from Greek mythology, that is, not the seventies TV series set on Crete starring Wanda Ventham, Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother. According to legend, those who ate the fruit of the lotus tree lost the desire to return home. I’ll keep you posted.


14 thoughts on “The Lotus Eaters

  1. Dear Jack…I ENVY YOU BOTH !

    Dons ago I lived three years in Athens, and have always wanted to return…..of course it’s now different.

    Recently widowed…..I’m considering……

    Have a wonderful time… are smashing…both of you…ENJOY, j

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    1. Hi Joyce

      Thank you, we’ll give it a go. It’s a shame it’s only a week, though. Sorry to hear of your loss. Not really for me to say, of course, but maybe the time is right for you? ❤


  2. Can I just say that I’m SO JEALOUS! In Canada you have to drive for days and days just to get to Florida.


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