It was my birthday recently. I reached the grand old age of 55. I now qualify for Gestapo-controlled sheltered housing, all wipe-down high-back chairs and swirly carpets that stick to the soles of your shoes. En-suite facilities are now essential for those caught short at 3am moments (so much better than a bucket by the side of the bed). Just how did this happen? I remember the days of my deliciously misspent youth when summers of love seemed endless. Now an entire year passes by in a flash and I barely notice. Welcome to the epoch of Mr Grumpy.

I received a birthday card from my sister in law. Maybe she’s trying to tell me something?Twatter

8 thoughts on “Mr Grumpy

  1. I didn’t mis-spend my youth, I invested it well and it’s paying off now in a wrecked body and a disturbed mind. All is going to plan. My old-age will be spent scattering Temazepam for the sparrows to eat and lashing out at passers by with my walking sticks. You can get away with a lot under a tweed flat cap. 😉

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  2. Just do a few hours gardening and then you might be entitled to complain. I have to keep on the move – if I stay in one position for more than 30 minutes, I have to be levered up again.


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