At the arse end of another weekend in the Smoke, we found ourselves with time on our hands at Liverpool Street Station. Liam’s bright idea to kill time was a detour to Old Spitalfields Market for a browse and a bite. I say ‘old’ but Spitalfields has been relentlessly gentrified since its heyday as an East End fruit and faggots emporium. Apples and pears have given way to arts and crafts, jellied eels to corporate fare. The place was heaving and the tourists lapped up the fake authenticity. There was a surprise round every corner and this was the biggest surprise of all. It was mesmerising.

7 thoughts on “Last Tango in London

  1. Really have got to visit London sometime. I’m the sad northerner who went on a day trip when I was 15 and then numerous visits to Wembley Stadium for the Rugby League cup finals. In on a coach, match, straight back out again. 😀


    1. London is changing all the time and for the better for the most part. I think you’d love it but it is expensive, frenetic, noisy, pushy, crammed with tourists all year round and rather fantastic. But then, I’m a tad biased. 😀


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