The Gay Pride marching season is in full mincing swing. But while 40,000 and 160,000 well-wishers lined the parade routes of Belfast and Brighton (respectively) last Saturday, we amused ourselves with something to give even the glitziest of drag queens a run for her sling backs. The Grand Norwich Duck Race, starring oversized bathtub playthings draped in outrageous livery, is a plucky battle fought each year for charity. Once in the waters of the sedate River Wensum, Daffy and his flock all tried to float the wrong way and had to be marshalled up the course by a man in a canoe. Congratulations to the duck from City College for a worthy victory. We retired to the bar of the Playhouse Theatre for a celebratory tipple in the beer garden. Norwich really is quackers.

11 thoughts on “Quacky Races

  1. I’ve got four little duckies sitting atop my TV (that gets no programs). Perhaps I should organize a local duck race! With me having four, there’s a chance I could even win.
    Oh. That’s right. We have no river. Ah, well.


  2. i think there was a duck race near where we lived in the UK. in 12 years i never went to see it. if they’d looked like your ducks, i would have made the effort.


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