The inimitable Cilla Black has just died at the young age of 72 at her home in Spain. It’s a sad day. I grew up with Cilla (née Priscilla White) from her glory days as Britain’s premier power balladeer in the Swinging Sixties to her reign as undisputed queen of Saturday night TV in the Eighties with programmes like Blind Date. So I do hope when Cilla pitched up at the Pearly Gates, St Peter asked:

What’s your name and where do you come from?

I think Our Cilla would have liked that.

8 thoughts on “Cilla Black, RIP

  1. Sad day. I feel like another part of my youth has gone. We’re all getting older. Makes me realise that we really have to live every day as if there’s no tomorrow x


  2. A shocker this one, but think friends and family were shocked, too, weren’t they? Too young to remember her singing heyday – 😉 – but she was definitely the queen of Saturday night TV for our generation. RIP Cilla.


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