Chasing the Dragon

In 2013, we had gorillas in our midst. Last year it was the elephant parade and for 2015 it’s Go Go Dragons. Expect to chase the technicolor creatures along the Norwich dragon trail this June. Now call me a party pooper if you want, but I thought the purpose of these campaigns was to highlight the desperate plight of endangered animals. The last time I looked, dragons, unicorns and centaurs, fun and fantastic as they may be, don’t actually exist. I know, shut it, Jack. The kids will love it.


14 thoughts on “Chasing the Dragon

  1. Hmm – perhaps it’s the fact that they don’t exist and that will soon be the fate of Gorillas and Elephants that is the point? Could be a very clever way of bringing the message about extinction home….


  2. . . of course they exist, I’ve read about them in books – and seen pictures – and what about Smaug the Magnificent? He bloody-well exists! Jesus, Jack, you really need to get out more!


  3. “The proceeds of this project will fund the valuable work of Norfolk charity Break who support vulnerable children, young people and families across East Anglia. #GGD15” Guess they’re not fund-raising for critters this time around.


  4. In previous years the Elephants and Gorillas were auctioned off after the event and at least some of the proceeds did go to animal charities, Born Free being one if them. As worthy as Break are it would be a shame if they got all the support.
    These dragons have odd heads! The gorillas were much more appealing. My favourite was Earnest. He stoo outside The Playhouse in his pinstripe suit and styled himself ‘Dapper gorilla’ on his Twitter feed. He really made me smile.
    One of these dragons is getting a chain mail armour suit made from donated 2p pieces. They seem to have misunderstood the whole St George thing!


  5. From the website, it certainly looks like Break will get all the proceeds. I agree it would be better to spread the love a little wider. I remember Ernest well. We used to rent in St George’s Street before we bought a flat near Chapelfield.


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