Happy as a Ring Tone


After a two year love-hate relationship (more hate than love), I’ve dumped my smarty pants Samsung phone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Well, it was more knackered than me and needed feeding twice a day just to keep the lights on. Not so smart, after all. In any case, my stumpy little fingers struggled to get to grips with the tiny touch screen – I was forever firing up fancy apps that I neither wanted nor understood. Tales of my idiocy even reached the Capital, as evidenced by the birthday card I received from my sister-in-law last year (above).

Sorry, Samsung, I just don’t love you anymore. Time to move on.

When I popped into town to browse for alternatives, the arsy child with the bugger-off face at the Virgin Media shop was less than helpful so I decided to dump them too. I can do that. I’m the customer. Step forward a well-known supermarket chain with a doddle-to-use website, cheaper tariffs and no hidden extras. Its core business may be going down the pan along with its shareholder’s dividends, but its phone offer is crystal-clear. Now I have a brand new Nokia Lumia and, so far, it’s more love than hate. I’d never understood why the nation’s yoof was so glued to their smart-arse phones that they would walk into lamp posts and trip over the homeless. Until now, that is. I was so impressed that I got Liam one too. Now we sit for hours, side-by-side ignoring each other. I guess that’s what you call progress.

11 thoughts on “Happy as a Ring Tone

  1. 😀 😀 😀
    I have a Samsung as well and can never hit the correct letters or numbers on the keyboard. I have mine only for emergencies, but I get a headache typing in my password. I’m all fingers or maybe all toes. 😦


  2. just a few weeks back our not so smart phone gave up the ghost – sweat does that to electronics I’m told, so it was time for a new one. Our jolly cep man rubbed his hands and pulled out what looked like a bunch of mini laptops ‘Everyone is using these1’ he assured us. He spent 20 mins trying to convince us – not a hope! We want a phone that is just a phone, no camera, nothing. He was aghast – so aghast that he had to go off somewhere (I suspect a dusty basement) and aquire one. We are now the proud owners of the cheapest, most plasticy bit of simplistic tech you can imagine – it pulls in load and clear from the weakest signal and the charge last weeks! It does have one bit of advanced stuff on it – FM radio, but I haven’t figured out how to plug in an earphone.


  3. I haven’t taken a photo of my ear yet, but my ear keeps putting my phone on mute. i’m used to phones that you put your ear to, not hold hovering about 5 inches away.


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