Tom Daley: Something I Want to Say


Yesterday, the British champion diver, Tom Daley, posted a simple video message on YouTube to tell the world that he was in a relationship with a man and that he was very happy. Tom was a poster boy for the Olympic Team. His buff, pool-trained torso (naked save for the tiniest and tightest Speedos) was plastered everywhere. Even at the tender age of 19, Tom is clearly well aware of his image and public persona. In our celebrity-obsessed world, I assume that he hopes this will sustain him long after the diving career has dried up. I hope so too. I also assume that this very public confession was his own idea. It was brave but was it also foolish? If his agent/manager/PR team had known in advance, I have no doubt they would have cautioned him against it. The revelation has unleashed a tidal wave of poison from the tweeting pond life. This was to be expected. Personally, I applaud his candour and rather think that his popularity will be enhanced by it.  His disclosure sends out a message of hope to young people everywhere that it’s ok to be gay. And for this, Tom deserves a pot of gold medals.

Tom Daley in his own words…

20 thoughts on “Tom Daley: Something I Want to Say

  1. Well fortunately, he seems to be getting more support than not. We were talking about it on Twitter yesterday and saying it was a shame Sky Sports News felt the need to have it as breaking news. On Sky Sports News, I want to know his diving scores, not who he’s dating. One day, we’ll get there…



  2. Good for him, hope it works out for him, you should just be honest, it is the only way, at least that’s how I try and live my life too.I bet there are some very unhappy people who grow up in the sporting world with all the large amount of expectations directed towards them. So be happy Tom Daley and shine.


  3. I despair that this talented boy’s choice of boyfriend or girlfriend is still news. It’s nearly 2014 for goodness sake. That he is getting unpleasant tweets makes me seethe.


    1. To be fair, he made it so by posting on YouTube. It’s had had over six million hits so far. There’s been rumours for ages. Perhaps he just wanted to lance the boil.


  4. Seems he has had far more positive feedback than idiotic drivel. On facebook today he said “I’d just like to say a massive thanks for all the support yesterday…it truly was overwhelming xx”. And let’s hope he’s not only become a beacon for gay youth lacking sporting role models, but that a few other so called sports personalities also feel inspired to do the same. There are 540 footballers in the premiership – and not one of them gay…? Something doesn’t add up there.


  5. hypocrits aside, I really don’t understand why anyone’s private or public life is the concern of anyone else. Haven’t put that very well but am sure you get my drift.


    1. I do get your drift. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be (well, the private bit anyway). Trouble is that humans have a morbid fascination with the lives of others.


  6. I suspect you missed the subtext to Tom’s coming-out video: it struck me as a very well coordinated pre-emptive strike, fully orchestrated by Tom, his family and his leading sports management company, once they got wind that Sun intended to publish a bunch of rumours from L.A. – which they did the day *after* Tom’s video and what a feeble sample of hearsay and gossip their “exclusive” proved to be. But Tom stole the march on The Sun and continued to outflank them over the next several days.


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