The Yellow Brick Road

jack-the-hack-_writingtipsThe blogging gospel according to St Jack, Chapter Two…

Posts can be written in batches and scheduled to be published over time. Try to post at least once a week, though. It’s good for what’s called search engine optimisation (SEO). Don’t be spooked by this. This is just how Internet search engines index and rank your site— it’s all done in the background. Over time, posting regularly will push up your assets better than a Playtex 18-hour girdle.


9 thoughts on “The Yellow Brick Road

  1. Thanks Jack. But I ma unable to get worthwhile stuff every week to blog on. I carry the belief that I need to pen stuff which would make the reader contemplate. What should I do?



    1. There’s no easy answer, I’m afraid. Maybe you should stop for a while and rest? As I said in the article, a healthy break can do wonders for the creative juices. Best of luck.


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