Star TrekThe strapline for Star Trek must be the most famous split infinitive in popular culture. Off we boldly went to Cinema City to watch the latest instalment of the franchise, ‘Star Trek, Into Darkness.’ I’m not what you might call a trekkie. Nor am I particularly keen on slash and burn all-American action movies but I’ve always had a soft spot for a touch of sci-fi with a brain. We both enjoyed the hyper-ride. The script was crisp and engaging, the bromance between the unfeasibly handsome Kirk and the French-fringed Spock was credible and the action sequences tripped along at warp speed. The big budget special effects were, as we all expect these days, believable and not at all like a glorified X-Box game (something that afflicts so many Hollywood blockbusters). Benedict Cumberbatch makes a suitably menacing baddie (even if casting a clipped-vowelled Brit as the evil villain is a bit of a cliché) and seeing London in a high-rise 23rd century cameo role, complete with St Paul’s and the London Eye, was a nice touch. I suspect Wren’s opus magnum may well last a few more centuries but the Eye? We watched the entire extravaganza in 3D and this worked well  for the big ticket scenes, particularly when the Enterprise flew directly towards us from the screen. That said, the multi-dimensional technique jarred with some of the more intimate close-up moments and I’m sure we looked quite ridiculous in the goggles. All in all, you get a lot of cosmic bangs for your bucks. Space: the final frontier. Go see.

10 thoughts on “To Boldly Go…

  1. We went to our first London movie last night… to see Gatsby. 3D and 2D were on offer, but we opted for the latter. The sets and costumes (and hairstyles) were fabulous … the roaring ’20s sure looked like fun. The film has got some bad reviews… but I went for Leonardo… and glad I did!


  2. I loved the film and the first one, enough though I thought the plot about destroying Volcan was a bit odd!. I think the actors are fabulous, (Spock is definitely may favourite), and so much like the original cast. I am a bit of a trekkie although I wouldn’t go so far as dressing up as a klingon at a convention!


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