Calm Down, Dear

Whenever I threw a hissy fit about the direction my foster home was taking, whether from a political or religious perspective (or a toxic mix of the two), something invariably popped up to calm my troubled soul, reduce my blood pressure and bring a smile to my face. This was such a time:

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13 thoughts on “Calm Down, Dear

  1. I shared on Facebook recently a You Tube link that was a guy proposing to a girl on the underground with acappella song – it was amazing and def brought a smile to any face, as these things invariably do :)))))


  2. . . and there was me thinking a ‘Flash Mob’ was a lot of weird men in dirty raincoats! Good fun – and so are Flash Mobs 😉


  3. oh gosh this is so sweet and uplifting. I must say, I was waiting for the last bit, would they clap or what but when they did, I had a huge smile on my face! Wonderful.


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