Turkey’s Got Talent

Thank you to one and all for the good luck messages from my loyal pansyfans. Liam and I are a little pre-occupied with nest building and kitchen reconstruction. Put two gay men in a room and witness the heated debate about where to place the Habitat vase. In the meantime sit back and enjoy a joyous discovery brought to you by You Tube and Yankee Istanbul blog Death by Dolmuş

6 thoughts on “Turkey’s Got Talent

  1. Thanks for two things….the charming video which I just had to share on Facebook and also for pointing us in the direction of another great blog.
    Hope you are settling well in your new home xx


  2. There is this video too, not nearly as cute but it’s damn funny. I love the way they have blended apaçe culture with 1950s Americana. Also, the girl that plays Sandy clearly doesn’t know English (or the lyrics.)

    p.s. Thanks for the plug!


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