Whitney Houston, RIP


Another prodigious talent wrecked by addiction. No doubt the internet is awash with tasteless jokes and serves-her-right statements. Whitney Houston’s slow descent into hell was a media circus that picked over the bones of her catastrophic life. Some people seem to take pleasure in it. According to Guinness World Records she was the most awarded female artist of all time.

Ms Houston once said:

“I finally faced the fact that it isn’t a crime not having friends. Being alone means you have fewer problems.”

I wasn’t a great fan though I really liked the ‘My Love is Your Love’ album and this is my favourite track.

27 thoughts on “Whitney Houston, RIP

  1. I grew up with Witneys songs. Waiting for the vultures to start Jack but hope they pay heed to the saying that if you do not have anything good to say, say nothing at all.


  2. Respect to that voice. I hate the way, the jokes start doing the rounds, its a sick world we live in.

    A warning to those that crave nothing more than fame and fortune…… its not all its cracked up to be!


  3. I’m so anti-drugs because I’ve seen firsthand the damage it does. But I also am sickened by those who think its clever to joke about someone’s death or their lifestyle.

    I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself so am with Natalie on this one. Whitney had a great talent…such a waste of a life…I’ll leave it at that.


  4. One of the last movies Don and I watched together was a rerun of “The Bodyguard”…while the song “I Will Always Love You” didn’t exactly fit our relationship…the poignancy did…of losing love when you knew you had to but didn’t necessarily want to! Don was 84 and dying…leaving! If nothing else I will always remember the Whitney who sang from the gut depth of her soul, RIP Whitney!


  5. Thank you so much for posting this lovely tribute to Whitney Houston, Jack. I haven’t been around the internet to see what people have been saying, but I can pretty much guess what’s going on, you know?

    In light of her untimely death, my WP friend Brian Westbye posted this link to an amazing essay (also on WP) that I think unpacks some of these ideas in an elegant way. I hope you think as much of it as I do. (I’ve never seen this blogger’s work before today, but I’m really impressed.)



      1. Oh, I am so glad you thought that link was wonderful. After I posted my comment, I was worried that posting this link was too forward of me?

        I just thought so much of this essay and this writer, and I thought your memorial is so very touching that you might want to read it also.

        Let me stop blathering here to say I’m so pleased that you had a chance to stop by her blog and read the essay. It really did blow me away and I thought it might speak to you as well, and I’m glad it did.


    1. Big thanks to you both. Nobody – no matter how famous or talented or intelligent – is immune to this illness. And yet it’s still okay to joke about it in a way that one would never joke about, say, cancer. I also was not a huge fan of Whitney’s music, but always stood in awe of that voice.


  6. pointed in your direction by Courtenay Bluebird … loved the way you said in a few words what a lot of people are thinking right now … leave her alone already, and just appreciate that she brought some beauty into this world.


  7. Whitney had an amazing voice what more can you say ? how people get addict problems is not so difficult to see or understand I have never figured out how there is not some kind of support system for these very famous people. I mean if you have the money etc. you can have whatever you want no matter how harmful it is for you so you would think there would be more protection and understanding. I would have thought that the people who are responsible for them would invest heavily to protect from this sort of thing happening. I can spot a dealer from a mile away so they should be able to, basically how come they are still allowed to supply drugs or even over use of drink. Elvis died a long time ago, how many more deaths before they stomp out the bad influences that obviously hang around this crowd ?


  8. I was never a great fan either… Yes, they do depend on saying yes… Hard to keep the fences and the barricades against those kind of influences standing strong. That’s a very poignant quote of hers…


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