Written in the Stars

The frosty flurry in old London Town soon turned to sloppy slurry. Sunday was our day of rest away from commitments. We decided to do what we rarely do these days – a West End jolly, just the two of us. It was a strangely alien experience. The Sunday evening stalwart – Jivin’ Julie’s karaoke night for the hairy marys down the Kings Arms (or Kings Arse, as it’s affectionately known) was a shadow of its former self. The fat crowd has thinned to just a few old fairy faithfuls. We ventured to Comptons, the pivot around which gay Soho revolves, to find it bereft of punters except for a few lonely tourists, northern fag hags in mountainous heels and Russell Grant. Sadly, cuddly Russ hasn’t managed to keep the weight off following his stint as housewive’s choice on Strictly Come Dancing. I bet he didn’t see that coming in the stars.

All the bars told a similar sad and sorry tale. Was it the long recession or the wind chill that kept the boys under the duvet? Perhaps it was neither. Restaurants were buzzing away to the sound of glasses clinking and tills cher-chinking. Perhaps the crowd has moved on to pastures new. Perhaps the pubs should lower their beer prices. We joined the throng at an eaterie and supped Rioja into the small hours.

15 thoughts on “Written in the Stars

    1. That is absolutely true! We have been away from London for so long that when we revisit our old haunts we barely recognize them! It’s most depressing, but you can’t expect places not to change…and cities change especially quickly, don’t they?


      1. On the whole I rather approve of the changes but the big chains really do need to drop their prices and alter their ‘offer’ if they want to get the punters back. Four quid for a pint? Outrageous.


      2. They do indeed! And there’s something about the inebriated teenagers that swirl in to fill the void, that makes one feel depressingly old… such is life 😦


  1. Do you remember the last time I went to a bar? You’re saying “no, why would I”…well I’m saying the same thing! I think bars in the UK are nicer…or am I just romanticizing?!!! You’re going to disillusion me aren’t you?!!! Of course I’m not interested in going to bars anymore…now that I’m taking the same medication Don was on, that is contraindicated with alcohol…however, I do have the occasional tipple of wine at home…alone but never ever lonely! Y’all have fun now, ya hear!


  2. I know if/when we go back to the UK it;s just going to make me really sad to see the demise of the pubs. We’re ‘pub people’ and my dad always tells us which ones have closed down since we last saw them. It’s the fault if the greedy breweries! Anyway, at least you found somewhere to sup your Rioja…mmm, could do a good rioja right now. We’ve just been and bought our Valentine’s Day Altıntepe. 😉


  3. I still enjoy the pubs back in “Ole london town” around soho there are still some lovely pubs.

    I hate themed pubs and weatherspoons don’t even get me started on that chain, yuk yuk yuk.


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