The Big Chill

Our trip to Blighty was blighted by the big chill. Before our exodus, I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’d experienced snow in London with its urban microclimate. In fact, three of our four last winter tours have been a white out. Perhaps global warming really is pushing the Gulf Stream out of kilter. What next, winter fairs on a frozen Thames? Shocking. Fortunately, we landed at Heathrow just before the weather closed in. Two years ago, we were diverted to Cardiff by a light dusting at Gatwick.

Once on land, we trundled off through town to celebrate the half century of an old friend and watched the arctic flurry from the comfort of an Islington restaurant. As the winter wonderland of bobble hats and woolly scarfs scurried past the window, a wonderful warmth enveloped us like the Ready Brek halo. Glory be to the god of central heating.

9 thoughts on “The Big Chill

  1. central heating…I’m way to dependent on it…I’ve decided I need to dress more warmly inside in the winter…I hear the tales of disastrous Turkish weather and think “what a WIMP I’ve become”!


  2. Ahh, central heating. I remember that. 😉 Actually though, last time we were back in Blighty – a good while since – we stayed with a friend for the week and we were roasting! Had to turn the radiator off in our bedroom. I think we got used to Arctic living.


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