Ringing the Belles

New Year’s Eve brought a couple of tremors and torrential rain to Bodrum. We refused to let Mother Nature throw us off kilter or dampen our spirits as we joined the Bodrum Belles to drink in the New Year. The place of our undoing was Musto’s Restaurant, our haunt of choice. The source of our undoing was a bottle of Jaegermeister doing the rounds courtesy of a particularly boozy Belle (you know who you are). Think 100% proof cough mixture. At the stroke of midnight, Liam and I kissed in front of a passing copper, put out some windows with a salvo of party poppers the size of bazookas, watched the creditable firework display and shuffled from side to side to classic, cheesy, gay dance tracks of yesteryear. I wonder who chose the music?

It doesn’t get much cheesier than this.

Have you checked out the book yet?

11 thoughts on “Ringing the Belles

  1. In theory, Jaegermeister is supposed to prevent hangovers after a night out, or at least that is what the Germans told me. Fifty six herbs and quite caustic but some swear by it. (tee hee).


    1. I was wondering who the culprit was. To be fair, the hangover was kind given what was deserved but it’s still taken me until today to get my mojo back.


  2. I’m not familiar with this song. Who’s the singer?
    It rained in Antalya too. My group outing to Olympos was cancelled, so I took the opportunity to recover from a week-long visit from my ex (whose purpose in visiting seemed to be taunting me with tales of the girlfriend half his age) and stayed home and watched the Lady Gaga concert – today’s gay dance music! Good times!


    1. It’s called Let the Night Take the Blame by Lorraine McKane. A one hit wonder, I think. Don’t get too wound up by the child girlfriend. In my experience, it rarely lasts. Have you seen the First Wife’s Club? Wonderful.


  3. . . I was thinking that after a night of partying like that you’d be shagged out at the end of it – then I thought about the Jaegerwotsit (of which previous knowledge) and realised it would be more like an episode from ‘Wilt’!


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