Prowler Stocks Perking the Pansies

Prowler WindowOn the day Perking the Pansies, hit the presses, I found out that Joe Storey-Scott, the Book & Film Buyer for Millivres Prowler Group, contacted my publisher, Jo Parfitt. Prowler is Blighty’s premiere gay lifestyle chain with outlets in Brighton and on London’s Brewer Street, Soho. Joe has agreed to stock the book. Wow. Thank you, Joe.

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13 thoughts on “Prowler Stocks Perking the Pansies

  1. I´m going to give myself your book for Christmas! Is it on Kindle? That would be the best way for me, unless you´ve put in illustrations, since they don´t come out well on Kindle. Congratulations on this next triumph, Jack, I´m sure there´ll be lots more. (Did get a fright, I read Prowler Stalks Perking the Pansies …..or did you do that on purpose, you devil?)


  2. Great news….but I have to confess, when I opened up Facebook this morning I hadn’t put my glasses on and read ” Prowler stalkes Perking the Pansies” LOL


  3. I’m thinking this is a pretty major result, Jack. I get the feeling that, once the ball starts rolling and the momentum gets going, one thing will lead to another and another and another. As the Aussies would say “I’m rooting for you”.


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