Head Scarves and High Heels

I see Abdullah Gül, the President of Turkey, has been on a three day state visit to Blighty. I’m glad to see that cordial diplomatic relations are being maintained between our two great nations. As is the custom, Her Maj greeted the President and the First Lady on the steps of Buck House. Bodrum Belle, Jessica, sent me a link to a Daily Mail piece about it. I don’t read the rag and would normally have missed out on seeing this fantastic photograph; it’s pure pleasure. I wonder what the usually inscrutable old Queen was thinking? Take a look:

The Queen’s Astonishment

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Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam move to Turkey

15 thoughts on “Head Scarves and High Heels

  1. Fab photos. They caught the just right moment. I’m loving the outfits. Oddly enough, a British friend wrote to me today, asking if “that is what you have to wear when you go to visit M.’s family in Turkey.” I had a good laugh. I’d break my neck in those heels! And um, no, that’s not what I “have” to wear. If anything, his fam thinks my clothes are woefully off the rack vs. couture – they have expensive taste. That’s a post for another day. The whole Islamic fashion thing has me very interested – way beyond the whole burqini debacle that I wrote about on the blog before. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing this one.


  2. The hilarious thing about this photo was the comments – some half-wit was outraged that Mr Gul had the audacity to smoke a cigar in HM’s presence – hehehe it was the bannister in the background


  3. There was a fair amount of criticism here on what she was wearing and in particular the shoes. I think she looked fabulous. It adds a whole new dimension to traditional Turkish wear. I bet the Queen thought so too.


  4. I did not think you would ever give column space to the Hate mail Jack. But it is amusing to note that the Turkish Daily Mail readers also leave hateful comments. This poisoned rag seems to attract haters, even the somewhat less objectional “femail” magazine that this story was in. If the mail is to be believed Poland is empty and paedophiles live at the bottom of your garden with the leprechauns and teenage murderers. Good pictures though
    Our lizzie is still a game old bird.,


  5. I think that, covered from head to foot, the Turkish First Lady was almost forced to wear such f**k me shoes. I´m sure she was wearing very nice undies too … I had a small lesson in how Muslim women deal with their femininity in Morocco a few years ago and trust me – they get round the limitations!


    1. Not sure if she was “forced” to be covered head to toe. She once sued the Turkish country for not beint allowed to wear a scarf at the university. The same country she is now representing. And btw, the dress may be long, but tight as it is, it is not covering much.


      1. You’re absolutely right. She wasn’t forced to cover her head, no one is in Turkey. For her, it’s a political statement in support of her husband and his party.


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