X Factor Final

We watched the X Factor final from Wembley Arena. Polished production, big numbers, slick performances (but too many advert breaks). Commercial, manufactured bubble gum pop? Certainly. Fun and entertaining? Absolutely. Liam’s a huge fan. My first visit to the arena was way back in 1974 (I think) to watch Alice Cooper perform his Welcome to My Nightmare show. It was fabulous. I’m a huge fan.

Out and Proud

Little Mix won. I’m sure they’ll do well. Personally, I was rooting for Marcus Collins. I’m not saying this because he’s a member of the brethren. I’m saying this because he’s a charming young man and a great entertainer who I suspect will outlive the usual fifteen minutes of fame. Marcus makes no secret of his sexuality. He’s out and proud. He has a boyfriend and is a fantastic role model for young gay men. It’s no big deal to anyone except, perhaps, to the producers of the show as it was never mentioned. X Factor exploits the back stories of the contestants. It’s part of the formula. They interviewed his loving family, his best friend, even the Lord Mayor of Liverpool got a look in. Where was the boyfriend? Maybe he didn’t want be exposed. If so, that’s fine. If not, that’s not fine.

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9 thoughts on “X Factor Final

  1. Oh Jack Nooooooooooooo. It was your head-liner that caught my eye – as if you’d taken the words out of my mouth! What an amazing night’s entertainment packed full to the Wembley rafters with talent AND the production! But what night am I referring to and have just this moment finished watching? – yes Saturday night on catchup!!!! Ok it’s my own fault that’s what happens when viewing your fav progs in arrears and nosying on FB at the same time. Marcus Marcus – what a lovely talented genuine boy he is. He will go far I know – look at previous years – where are all the winners now? Was saving the final for tomorrow’s viewing but I can’t bear the thought of Marcus’ face when he loses out to the girls. I will just content myself with the fact that he’s going to earn megger bucks and look after his mum! Don’t like Coldplay either.

    If asked what I’d like for Christmas it would be to hear that the BBC have bought Jungle and X Factor for the coming new year!!!!!


      1. Like I said Jack it’s my fault and no please you don’t have to say sorry. I had a good night’s entertainment with a smile on my face and sometimes a tear in my eye – a fabulous show. I know the last three acts are bound to make successful careers and good luck to them – I love the way these kids’ who come from working class backgrounds have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. I will be watching out for a Marcus Album knowing that whatever he produces will be a foot tapping and shoulder shaking success and will keep that smile on his face for a long time.


  2. We don’t have a TV so I watch on catch-up. Fortunately, unlike Chris, I spotted your post email notification in my mailbox and knew that if I opened it before watching the show, it would spoil it for me.

    I agree that it has been a marvellous production. It seems to become more spectacular every year. I enjoy absolutely every minute of it…and catch-up means no bloody ads too which is a bonus.

    I was also rooting for Marcus, but I loved Little Mix too. I think Marcus has a good future. It’s often those acts that don’t win who go on to better things so I wish him well. I also don’t like the way his boyfriend was never mentioned…but as you say…maybe it was his choice.


  3. I was There on Sunday! I won tickets from Talktalk. It was a right laugh. I wanted Marcus to win but feel he will be better off for not winning! Coldplay were amazing!!


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